CLO Standalone v7.1.334.42894 Crack Free Download 2023

CLO Standalone Crack Free Download 2021

CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 Crack is a strong style fashioner device that reforms your plan cycle with genuine 3D piece of clothing reenactment and speeds up, increments exactness, abbreviates courses of events, and grows your plan capacities. Your plan is the way in to your business. To obtain the best outcomes on the lookout, you want to pick the best plan that looks great and furthermore considers client connection. CLO Independent Full Rendition answers client needs in an extremely proficient manner, uncommonly intended to catch client communications.

CLO Independent 7.1.334.42894 Sequential Key furnishes a total arrangement with a natural UI and plain as day choices that make it exceptionally straightforward and instinctive for clients to plan. Immediately see a few varieties, regardless of how capricious or trial. This instrument additionally permits you to foster styles with endless layers, many-sided subtleties, and so forth.

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CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 Key Features:

Unlimited Design

The powerful CLO simulation engine allows you to create styles with countless layers and intricate detail. Design a variety of garments, from simple blouses to technical outerwear with intricate fits and constructions. CLO is not limited to clothing design. Make anything made of fabric including hats, bags, handbags, underwear, swimwear, and more.

Real-Time Interactivity

Instantly review edits as any changes to 2D patterns, colors, textures, and finish details are immediately stimulated. Improve the quality of the design by checking out silhouettes and adjusting them faster in the development process, allowing ample time for refinement before finalization.

Easy to Use

View your creations in a few clicks! Users of any skill or expertise level can easily get used to our simple and intuitive interface. Learn how to use CLO online with regularly updated videos and tutorials.

Evolve How You Design

Reduce design preparation time and immediately immerse yourself in the design process with prepared blocks. Quickly sketch a new design directly into your avatar and automatically generate a pattern cutout.

Accurate Materials

CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 Patch can accurately imitate curtain-sensitive fabrics such as light weaves and singlets with various material properties. Access CLO’s comprehensive library of commonly used fabrics to quickly view design ideas.

Streamline Process

Explore endless possibilities at no cost with the ability to create unlimited graphic locations, color paths, and technical print layouts. Reduce unnecessary physical sampling and shipping costs by immediately viewing any changes to 3D samples. Improve your costing process by completing styles well ahead of typical production deadlines.

Ultimate Styling

Show off your 3D outfit in multiple ways with our natural simulation environment. Fold and hang 3D clothes to create a retail environment, and take a look at the big picture by swapping your collection.

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CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 New Features:

  • Grading Review: Compare avatar clothing and/or ratings in one window.
  • Texture Editor: Express complex graphics by overlaying multiple images; When the image is in a loop, create a smooth graphic by changing the lines while referring to the preview.
  • Print on Fabric: Print various designs onto fabric.
  • Render | Subsurface Scattering Material: Realistically express human skin. The dispersion of subterranean materials penetrates and disperses under the surface of objects. Use the materials to create illustrations of leaves, fruits, candles, etc.
  • Automatic Rigging & Converter: Add connection or convert user data to CLO avatar and use CLO Avatar Editor.
  • Schematic Rendering Style for Tech Pack: Turn 3D clothing into technical drawings for the Tech Pack.
  • UV Editor Mode: Create UV Pattern, Button, Zipper cards and bake Normal, Roughness, Metal, and Alpha cards.
  • PBR Material | Substance by Adobe & X-Rite AXF: Importing SBSAR files according to Substance, the leading software solution for 3D digital materials, allows you to download high-end material with an unlimited variety of textures or create fully customizable material, from scratch or scratch. digitization, with full write control. Plus, import AxF files by X-Rite, a tool that expresses lifelike tissue with various maps pulled from three-dimensional tissue scans.

CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 Other Features:

  • JEANOLogia | Import Washing File of eDesigner (JEAN): Import different types of wash libraries and JEAN files and apply them to clothes as graphics. The JEAN file comes from the Jeanologia eDesigner application which provides a laser-washing solution.
  • Color Digital | DMIx Cloud Linkage & Compatible with Material: Just click and drag a material or color from the DMIx Color digital cloud, and apply it to the CLO outfit. DMIx Cloud manages various forms of digital materials, props, and colors.
  • Expressions include holographic foil, vinyl, pearl, and outer shell.
  • Render I Matelness & Alpha Map (PBR Material): Metallic color or partial transparency of the garment. Since the cards work in PBR, they are compatible with other 3D applications that support PBR.
  • Zipper I Add YKK Metal Preset: Real YKK metal is now available as a preset.
  • Create Graphics over Seamline: Create graphics over multiple Patterns.
  • Nest Patterns | Spacing Patterns: Set the tolerance between models when nesting.
  • Fullness & Pleats Improvements: Move or rotate the Internal and Baseline according to the enlarged pattern.
  • Create Curved Point of Measure: Create a curved measuring point and measure the length of the hem, armholes, and more.
  • Cuboid Arrangement Bounding Volume: Set the volume limit settings to cube or round cube.
  • Compatible with Wacom 3D Pen: Use the Wacom 3D Pen to control the 3D Viewer without separate key combinations.
  • News Notifications in CLO: Check out all the news about CLO in the program.
  • Log in via SSO: For Enterprise customers only, OnlineAuth supports SSO login.
  • 3D Linked Editing: Easily edit 3D garments by moving points and lines while maintaining the shape.
  • Brush Selection Tool & Partial Divider Mesh / Freeze / Solidify: Use the Brush Selection Tool to select meshes of specific parts of the garment, and Partially Divide, Freeze, or Solidify.
  • Avatar Face Style Configurator: Edit the style of the Avatar by replacing each part of the face.
  • UV Editor | Unified Map: Map Fabric Texture to Unified type.
  • GLTF | Standard Unified Fabric File Format: Provides PBR materials and CLO Physical Properties in a Standard Unified Fabric File Format gITF.
  • CLO-Set Connect in CLO: Check CLO-SET CONNECT products and purchased items in CLO.
  • 3D Base Pen: Create Baselines on the 3D garments by drawing.
  • Auto Sewing | Pants: Automatic Sewing is applicable on pants.
  • Create Spiral Pattern: Easily create Spiral Patterns.
  • Perpendicular Pattern Corner: Set Perpendicular Pattern Corners.
  • Convert Seam Allowance of DXF File: Convert seam allowances of the DXF file into the seam allowance of CLO when importing.
  • Button I Create Buttons Between Start and End Point: Set the start and endpoints, and create Buttons at regular intervals.
  • Binding I Create On A Part of Line: Create Binding on a Part of the Line.
  • Print Layout | Ruler & Guideline: Use Ruler and Guideline in Print Layout Mode for accurate placement.
  • Colorway Improvements: Edit Common Color Units: Select Trims in the same color and change the Material at once and Show/Hide Graphics: Set different Graphics for each Colorway.
  • Open Texture with AI / PS: Open Texture Images applied to Fabrics/Trims with AI / PS.
  • 2D Snapshot Improvements: Show or hide background and pattern fabrics when saving print layout images.
  • Expand GITF File Compatibility: Colorway: Export Colorway information with the 3D garment and Garment Animation: Export recorded garment animation.
  • Change UI: Adjust the color and thickness of Pattern Outlines, Internal Lines, and Baselines, as well as the size of numbers.

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CLO Standalone Crack Free Download

CLO Standalone Crack Free Download

What’s new in CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894?

(Released on 16-05-2023)

  • Fixed an issue that some garment files are not opened in Windows OS.
  • Fixed an issue that certain image files are not rendered properly in Mac OS.
  • Fixed an issue that looked different from before when switching the Monochrome Surface Mode in the 3D window.
  • Fixed an issue that some images are changed when loading the fabric files which have the Use Same Material as Front option disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that the metal texture of certain fabrics is not expressed properly in the high-quality render mode.
  • Fixed an issue that is not displayed properly in the library window when uploading more than a certain number of garment files in CLO-SET.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4 or
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or 2
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM is required to work quickly.
  • Hard disk space: 6 GB of hard disk space for a typical software installation.

How to install & activate it?

  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if launched.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • It’s done, Enjoy CLO Standalone 7.1.334.42894 Full Version.

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CLO Standalone v7.1.334.42894 Crack Free Download 2023

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